Top 8 Gifts for Bookish People~

What’s on your list??

We all love getting gifts for people we care about, right? But sometimes they can be super hard to shop for! Their tastes change, they might already have what you were planning on getting them, or what they love is just really out of your zone!

Bookish people are rather hard to shop for, everybody has different tastes when it comes to reading and you don’t know what they do or don’t want! As a bookish person myself, I can’t tell you how many times someone gets me a book as a present that I would absolutely never read. But I can’t get rid of it for at least four years because it was a gift.

So here’s a guide to the top 8 gifts you can get for the book lover in your life! ❀

Any book lover that drinks coffee will appreciate this Happiness in Cup & Book bag and matching coffee cup!

I actually got a coffee cup just like this recently from a great friend of mine, and I use it almost everyday now. (The best part for those #bookstagram lovers, is that it matches with every book cover!)

Does your book lover love to wear interesting socks?

Do they look bookish images?

If it’s a yes to the above questions, Bookish Long Socks are the way to go. I know several bookish people that are obsessed with creative socks and will forever be wearing a pair!

Note: Does that look like the Beauty and the Beast library to anyone else???


A bookish laptop cover is on my personal wish list, and I’ve only heard good things about this specific product! ❀ Though of course there’s lots of other laptop covers that they might love even more than this one!

On the right is a Pride and Prejudice Book Scarf, but any bookish scarf is always a perfect gift!

There’s Sherlock Holmes bookish scarfs just like this one, or other Jane Austen ones πŸ™‚ Just find out what your bookworm’s favorite novel or author is- and you’re sure to find one!

And then of course, if they love Harry Potter at all- these Dobby is Free socks will make them hug you for sure!

(How does someone not love Dobby???)

How about a Bookish Coloring Book specifically for Book Lovers??

And Amazon actually happens to have a option to look through some of the pages, so you know what kind of bookish drawings will be in it!! ❀

Starry Meadows is one of my favorite online shops that do bookish products, to the left are some Wizard of Oz boots, but there are of course multiple designs even for those.

I personally love the Alice in Wonderland dresses, & the Peter Pan pillow cases! ❀ ❀ ❀

Literary Book Gifts is another favorite of mine, much like the online shop mentioned above, but this one specifically is more classics with plainer tones and colors.

The site actually has a section specifically for book lovers! πŸ˜€

Lots of T-shirts with classic prints for book lovers or Tote bags- such as the Little Women tote bag on the right.

These are just at the top of the list!

Hope this helps as a reference for any of you in the future that continuously have to shop for book lovers & wishing you lots of luck with your gift shopping whether for birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays!

Thanks for reading!!

~Snow White & The Dwarves ❀

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